About Us

Thank you for visiting our online store and supporting an Australian-owned business.

WHSafety has been supplying the Australian community for the past 20 years as a distributor and wholesaler.

The wholesale & distribution environment had become extremely difficult to compete in. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic our business, similar to thousands of other businesses, was at risk of extinction!

We knew we had to change with the times, and we were passionate about providing our great products to our Australian consumers.

So we adapted to selling through online retail to be able to supply all Australians around the country, even with any restrictions within their state.

You can now receive products that will help you stay safe without leaving the comfort of your own home, with a click of a button.

We don't believe in price-gouging, and we believe that it is unethical, and it's taking advantage of Australians who are just trying to do the right thing and staying safe. 

Therefore, we can promise you that our prices will be some of the lowest you'll find.