Disposable Gloves- Size S-100x - WHSAFETY
Disposable Gloves- Size S-100x - WHSAFETY
Disposable Gloves- Size S-100x - WHSAFETY

Disposable Gloves- Size S-100x

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Medical Examination Disposable Gloves 

[Product Name]
Medical Exam Gloves [Model Specifications] Model: Gentle, Standard
Specifications: powder-free glossy surface, powdery glossy surface; 
[product performance, main ingredients]Supplies to be worn on the doctor's hand to examine or palpate the patient's condition. This product is made of polyvinyl chloride. Sufficient strength and positive males are provided non-sterile, single-use.【Scope of application】It is used to prevent cross-infection between doctors and patients, and is suitable for medical workers, household cleaners, and nursing staff. 【Contraindications, precautions, warnings and hints】People with allergies should discontinue use immediately if rashes or unusual sensations occur.Inspect gloves for cracks, small holes and tears before each use. Avoid contact with chemicals such as oils, strong acids, strong bases, organic solvents, etc. that may degrade or damage gloves.【Instructions for use】This product does not distinguish between left and right hands, please choose gloves that are suitable for your hand size. When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other accessories, and pay attention to trimming your nails.Tear open the single packaging bag, take out the product, put the skin on the inner surface of the glove and check whether the surface is in good condition. This product is limited to one-time use. Please dispose of the product as medical waste after use to prevent bacteria from polluting the environment.Product batch number: 20200526CE6970245 751651